Pathway to CareersTM:
Closing the Skills Gap

Pathway to CareersTM is passionately committed to bridging the gaps between youth and adult learners and local employers. We empower students by offering opportunities and skills to explore their chosen careers, follow a certification pathway, and secure employment.

We strive to:

Increase and expand dual enrollment for all youth and adult students.

Enhance students’ readiness to enter program pathways and join the workforce in high-demand, priority sectors.

Provide students with the necessary tools to develop skills, habits, mindsets, and character strengths for success in the current labor market.

Close regional access and equity gaps, especially for students who live in rural and underserved areas.

Our Key Initiatives


Our curriculum is evidence-based and designed to improve students’ college and career readiness. We guide learners through crucial life decisions, ensuring they make informed career choices that align with their interests, values, and skill sets.

Work-based Learning (WBL)

Apply learning though practical WBL experiences that develop knowledge and skills necessary for success in careers (related models include: apprenticeships, internships, co-ops, etc.).


We utilize a competency-
based, a results-driven platform that improves students’ economic prospects and workplace productivity. 

Reality (VR):

We leverage the power of VR to bridge the technology equity gap and provide an immersive learning experience.


Our language support initiative helps accelerate English language learning through a competency-based approach, creating intentional pathways for a diverse workforce.

Our Career Readiness Model

Our linear model demonstrates how we help students discover the right careers, guiding them every step of the way from enrollment to employment.

The student

We identify K-12, youth and adult students across the country, particularly in underserved communities.


Students are provided a holistic opportunity to learn more about themselves and explore the many careers available to them.


Students discover a career path that is right for them, as well as work-based learning opportunities that are available in that career.


Students are presented with work-based learning opportunities such as apprenticeships, internships, co-ops, etc. to provide immediate job experience.


Students are supported during their work-based learning assignments with connections to local job opportunities in their communities.

Join the Movement

By addressing the equity and skills gaps that exist, we are ready to meet learners where they are – encouraging them to explore careers, develop critical workforce skills, and attain self-sufficiency. Our replicable model meets a critical need in diverse populations of able-bodied workers – creating new economic opportunities for them, their families, their communities…and our world.

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