How The Clover Agency Can Help Your School Receive The Golden State Pathways Grant

Teen students in school building wearing backpacks.

The Golden State Pathways Grant is a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing college and career readiness across California. This competitive grant, with an allocation of $500 million, prioritizes funding for college preparation and career technical learning programs catering to students across California. In a commitment to fostering equitable access to educational opportunities, preference will be extended to applicants from traditionally underserved school populations. Priority consideration will be granted to those with below-average completion of A-G courses or higher-than-average experiences of poverty, homelessness, foster care, school suspensions, expulsions, and dropouts. This approach aims to address disparities and create inclusive pathways for all students. By fostering pathways in high-wage, high-skill, and high-growth sectors, the program creates opportunities for students to seamlessly transition from high school to college and career, addressing the workforce demands crucial for economic growth. 

The integration of Golden State Pathway funds with other state resources forms a powerful synergy, promoting collaboration among stakeholders and inclusive growth within communities. The program encourages collaboration between local educational agencies (LEAs), schools, employers, and community members to develop and expand innovative college and career pathways. Its overarching goal is to broaden access to post-secondary education and workforce training, facilitating employment opportunities aligned with the specific needs of local, regional, or state labor markets. In doing so, the Golden State Pathways Grant plays a pivotal role in supporting the ongoing development of a skilled and educated workforce, with a particular emphasis on addressing critical statewide needs.

In partnership with The Clover Agency, Get Focused…Stay Focused!® (GFSF) stands as a proven, scalable, and cost-effective program designed for career exploration and planning. It actively supports high school graduation, post-secondary completion, and successful entry into the workforce with honed skills. Our initiatives are strategically aligned with the goals of the Golden State Pathways Grant, offering a valuable opportunity to optimize your funds and fulfill the grant requirements effectively.

Student-Centered, A-G Approved Early Career Exploration Course

Get Focused Stay Focused stands as the only A-G approved early career exploration course, offering dual credit and qualifying students for the Prepared level on the College/Career Indicator on the California School Dashboard.

Every Student Earns 12+ Post-Secondary Credits

GFSF offers a seamless dual enrollment pathway, beginning with the ‘Get Focused’ course tailored specifically to 9th-grade students. Students then have the opportunity to accrue additional college credits through the ‘Stay Focused’ modules spanning the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. By initiating the college trajectory in all 9th grade classes, the program actively addresses equity gaps, dismantles barriers impeding student success, and fosters a resilient, college-ready mindset for students. The 10-Year Plan process, integral to the 9th-grade course section, ensures that students have a plan for their life that they will always have access to and can change over time.

Internships and Apprenticeship Centered Work-Based Learning Opportunities 

Get Focused Stay Focused offers a guided onramp to CTE programs, empowering students with informed pathway decisions and exposing them to diverse training options. This ensures they are well-prepared to seize the available work-based learning opportunities.

Academic and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Support to Pave the Way to Diverse Post-Secondary Paths

When students participate in the foundational GFSF course, they are exposed to Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), academic principles, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies. The concluding project of this course involves creating an online 10-year skills-based career and education plan, serving as a personalized roadmap for each student to navigate their chosen post-secondary path. Furthermore, the program offers flexibility with course options tailored for hybrid, online-only, and independent study models, ensuring the accessibility of this cost-effective and transformative initiative to all students.

The Golden State Pathways Grant is a program designed to empower local educational agencies with the necessary resources to foster educational pathways in high-wage, high-skill, and high-growth sectors. By enhancing access to postsecondary education and workforce training opportunities, the Golden State Pathways Grant aims to enable students to secure gainful employment in industries that align with the demands of the local, regional, or state labor market. 

The deadline for Golden State Pathways proposals is March 19, 2024. Please reach out to Dr. Paul De La Cerda, Career & Workforce Development Strategist at, to discuss how our team can assist your school in preparing your application using this proven career-readiness curriculum.