Creating More Equitable Opportunities For All

We support educational leaders and executives in providing learners with the best, equal opportunity for career readiness, advancement and workforce development. 

What We Believe

All Americans deserve an equal opportunity to career readiness, exploration and jobs – no matter their background, native language, culture, sexual orientation, age, or race.

This belief is the backdrop of a program model that supports the lifecycle of learners from grade school through adulthood – and every transition and milestone in between.

How We Deliver

We work with administrators to evaluate potential community partners, needs of the local and regional labor markets as well as the unique attributes of their specific learner segment to determine the best model for them – support implementation, and generate adoption and advocacy.

Our curriculum and technology partners share our core belief and help contribute to our mission to serve both students and communities with a stronger, more skilled workforce.

What We Do


Grant Writing & Program Management

Grant writing and grant program management support for educational institutions who want to strengthen career pathways and build new workforce development opportunities in their communities.


Building Public-Private

Connecting public entities, nonprofits and private companies together in an effort to leverage the skills and capabilities of the collective team to deliver better education, technology and career opportunities.



Identify new opportunities that can drive growth and profitability using a combination of market research, analysis of industry trends, and strategic planning.


Learning &

We create L&D solutions such
as formal training programs, workshops, seminars, coaching and mentoring to help your organization evaluate strengths, develop talent, train leadership, and manage change.


Skills Training & Workforce Development

Working closely with educational institutions, we train providers and other stakeholders to ensure that the skills being taught align with the needs of the labor market, allowing local employers to improve their productivity and competitiveness. 



By teaching inclusive leadership practices, we prepare leaders to leverage the diverse perspectives and talents within their teams, drive innovation, enhance employee engagement, and create a sense of belonging.



We work with executives to assess the need for change management, help organizations effectively transition individuals, teams, and operations from their current state to a desired future state.

Clients & Partners


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